Jay-Z’s Ego Interfering With Sound Business Decisions

’s decision to drop a record after announcing his retirement to focus on being president of music label Def Jam has one music business insider calling out the rapper. “The big gossip of the Grammys is about Jay-Z,” the source tells The New York Post. “After saying he was going to retire when he became president of Def Jam so he wouldn’t compete with other artists on his label, he has a record coming out in June. To make matters worse, Dr. Dre is producing the record, which is huge because Dre hasn’t produced an album in years. Dre is on rival label Interscope, and while Def Jam and Interscope are both under the Universal umbrella, people have their noses out of joint. This album will be huge. But first of all, Jay is not using a Def Jam producer, and second of all, he will be competing with his own artists. Not cool. His ego is so big he can’t not release an album. He is a president of a label and should not be doing this.”

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