JD Praises Janet While Insulting Beyonce, Britney & Christina

ContactMusic.com spoke at a press presentation for girlfriend Janet Jackson’s new album ’20 Years Old’ on Monday (July 24), where he hit out at Janet’s younger contemporaries Britney Spears, Beyonce Knowles, and Christina Aguilera. “Only Janet records sound like her,” Dupri said. “I always look and think, ‘Where’s Beyonce going to be in 20 years?’ It’s hard for me to visualize. I don’t put them on the same plane. Janet doesn’t go for the same typical cars and street videos. She was the reason we started to watch TV. She’s back to her full capacity and blowing it out to the level. Artists just need to make good music. I said to Janet, ‘All you got to do is sing.’ Britneyand Christina are all copycats of one person.”

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