Jim Slice Offers Veteran Perspective Of Hip-Hop

Contributed by AdamBernard:

Jim Slice may be old school, but he still exudes all the hustling spirit of his youth. As one of the people who saw Hip-Hop grow from its inception Jim Slice has worked with a long list of veteran artists. From recording with the likes of Stezo, Chris Lowe and Dooley-O, to touring with and Slick Rick, to doing shows with Special Ed, Jay-Z and Gangstarr, he’s seen, and heard, quite a lot of Hip-Hop’s history. His buddy Stezo was actually the one responsible for giving Jim Slice his name. Slice explains its meaning, saying “no matter what I am going to get my piece of the pie in this world.” Growing up in New Haven, CT, The Bronx and Yonkers gave Jim Slice a huge Hip-Hop background, but he’s quick to note “it’s not where you’re from it’s what you become.” Today, taking a quick break from recording with his latest partner in rhyme Boo Slick, Jim Slice is sitting down with me to discuss what Hip-Hop has become, who he finds inspiring right now, and why he feels a veteran perspective is necessary in Hip-Hop at this point in time For the full interview, visit adambernard.blogspot.com.

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