Joe Budden Survives A Drug Trip To Hell And Back

tells that his drug-fueled descent can be traced to when, at age twelve, he fell into a deep depression after his father went to jail. He began abusing marijuana, then alcohol, then angel dust. “I started to do all those things at one time,” he says. “It was pretty bad. Every morning I would wake up, and that would be breakfast.” But that day when Budden was fourteen, his mother saw the effects that drugs were having on her son, and she lost control. “She was screaming, hollering and crying,” Budden says. “She dropped to the floor. I’d never seen her like that. And me and her have always been close. So that made me think, ‘Enough is enough’.” After going to rehab and kicking his habit, things started turning around, especially now with the success of ‘Pump It Up’.

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