Joe Budden’s ‘3 Sides 2 A Story’

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has just posted some lyrics from a track that is to appear on his forthcoming album on his message board. The track is called ‘3 sides 2 a story’. Read on for the lyrics.

check them out “my names sally
an i’m from queens i’m not happy
dad passed away
mom remarried
got a big bro,but he’s n jail
mom said 4 some things that he use 2 sell
an i’m always wit stepdad,his names bo
but theres some things about him that my mom dont know
an he says if i tell that it wont b pretty
and i’m really scared of him,he’s already hit me
he touches me places,i dont like it
i mean more than just a hug or goodbye kiss
i mean touch me places thats private
an he dont just touch,he puts somethin inside it
he says the more he does that
i’ll start 2 like it
hand over my mouth so i’m quiet
moms only wit’em cuz our $ is low
i’m 16 but i’m shaped like a twenty year old
and my moms in love so she makes excuses
when she looks at me an sees scrapes an bruises
y stepdaddy gotta take me thru this
nobody understands i’m weary
get goosebumps everytime a man come near me
know how it feel 2 have a man use u as a cushion
all the while moanin an pushin
u try 2 push’em,he’s gettin bothered
u yell an u scream but he starts goin harder
trust me its somethin u dont wannna b a part of
cuz even when its over,4 life it’ll scar ya
visit my bro,he can tell i’m sad
starin hard at my stomach he can tell i’m fat
he can tell i’m mad
but stepdaddy touched me *****ed me
u think i can tell him that
bo called the cops on him should i tell him that
yup,thought u’d agreee so i keep it all 2 me
baby on the way,an i’m not workin
an i know its his cuz i use 2 b a virgin
brother says dont cry wipe my tears
he dont know,this has been my life 4 years
an it falls on deaf ears
dam mommy please come home
some secrets r hard 2 keep
some secrets make it hard 2 sleep
an sleep is the only time i feel safe
but still the act haunts me
an i know that i’ma wake up 2 stepdaddy on me”

The album drops June 21st.

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