Joe Young’s Got A Beef With Beef

checked in with his MySpace friends (@gorillabozzjoeyoung) on Saturday (November 24) with the following bulletin:

Fu** Rap Beef and Beef in General.
Go out, Go Hard, Get Money Power and Respect and keep it moving.
I ain’t with the beef sh** or jealous sh**. If you doing what you doing 100% and you’re true to yourself and keep it real with God you cant be touched… I can’t be touched. I’m close to God. I let niggaz feel the way they want to feel about me. That’s on them. I’ma continue to do what I do till the Lord comes and get me. So get it in, get it how you live stay with it and pursue your dream. But if you on that other sh**. Be on that other sh** and go hard with it.
I’m not with WWF (Watch Who’s Fake).
Good night and God Bless. Ps have Fun at the Club I’m going to sleep. lol


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