Joey Pants Calls Eminem The James Dean Of The New Millenium

Joey Pantoliano, who was just whacked on the ‘Sopranos’ was on Last Call with Carson Daly on Friday and compared the message in his new book ‘Who’s Sorry Now?’ to . “That, you know, basically, the human spirit is very resilient, and it’s really a tribute to dedication and America,” ‘Joey Pants’ said. “All of our heroes. Look at Eminem. I mean, I am so — I don’t know him. I’ve been introduced yet, but I so identified as a 51-year-old male with Eminem and the work that he did. And that the movie — the fact that this movie did $54 million this weekend, it’s not about a bunch of kids watching this. There’s adults going to see this guy, and I think he’s the James Dean of the new millennium. I mean, I think he’s got so much to say. He’s a genius. An to his music, and I can’t wait to see his movie.”

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