John Kerry Fascinated By Rap And Hip-Hop

MTV News spoke with Democratic presidential candidate John Kerry and asked the part-time guitarist if there were any trends in music that have piqued his interest. “Oh sure. I follow and I’m interested,” Kerry responded. “I don’t always like, but I’m interested. I mean, I never was into heavy metal. I didn’t really like it. I’m fascinated by rap and by hip-hop. I think there’s a lot of poetry in it. There’s a lot of anger, a lot of social energy in it. And I think you’d better listen to it pretty carefully, ’cause it’s important. I still find the musicians of our generation are appreciated and extraordinarily relevant to most of the young people I talk to today. When I go to a Bruce Springsteen concert or when I did go to the Grateful Dead, when Jerry Garcia was still alive, or when I’d go to the Rolling Stones, for instance, it’s all gens — there’s a lot of people there of all generations. And I think that young people are still growing up appreciating an awful lot of the music that came out of our generation, ’60s and ’70s. But I love to play guitar and hack around. I was in a band when I was in high school. I never learned to play very well, but I enjoyed it. And we had fun. So I try to stay up with it. But I still think if you wanted me to choose the greatest … the bands from the ’60s and ’70s, that’s still where my head is.” Check out the entire transcript here.

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