John Mayer Tries Hip-Hop With Help From Roots’ ?uestlove

John Mayer spoke with MTV News about one special guest from the hip-hop community on his upcoming album ‘Heavier Things’. ’ Ahmir ‘?uestlove’ Thompson plays drums on the opening number, ‘Clarity.’ “It was really fun for me because I think he kind of came like, ‘All right, who’s the white boy who sings the song about making love to the girl? What’s this all going to be about?'” Mayer recalled. “And I think when he heard it he was like, ‘OK, I’m kind of interested in this, I kind of like where this is going.’ And so it really turned into this kind of a hip-hop tune that breaks into an acoustic song in the middle. And his playing on it was just the jump up-and-down factor in the control room. When he plays it’s just, it’s serious.” Read more.

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