J.R. Watkins Writing New Chapter In Eminem Book

J.R. Watkins, author of the biography ‘Cleaning Out My Closet’ posted a message on her official message board on Thursday. Apparently others had been posting messages in her name. She writes, “I know a lot is being said right now about me and I don’t care. That is not why I don’t spend loads of time on the board. I am so INCREDIBLY BUSY. No, I’m not doing another chapter to make more money. I just feel that I didn’t explain enough in the first edition of the book. I guess some people don’t want more told. Let them talk. If they’re picking on me, they’re leaving someone else alone. And Yes, Marshall told me that his uncle thinks he and his aunt Betti were having an affair. She is his real aunt by the way. Debbie’s sister. Nasty!”

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