Juelz Santana Interview

Rapbasement.com caught up with and asked the rapper about his thoughts on all the beefs going on in hip hop. “The deaths I feel like people take words too far sometimes, but a lot of people don’t understand your dealing with men now-a days,” he said. “Rap ain’t what it used to be and people need to face up to that. All the dissin’ people and all that you cant do that no more and it’s sad but its the way it is. Dissin’ people and it being fun and games and you can come to my town and perform the same song this side will say fu** that side and that side will say fu** this side that’s not going to work no more. It’s real ghetto people in the game that been threw some real sh** and you talking about them they aren’t going to let you get away with that so they take it further then it should be. But it is what it is its how the games changed the people in the game are much realer and take things much more serious it’s not just words anymore. If you really mean that it’s all taken as you really mean that when you rhyme.”

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