Juelz Santana Is A Big Avril Lavigne Fan

MuchMusic.com caught up with for a Coupla Questions, and asked the rapper about sampling Aerosmith’s ‘Don’t Wanna Miss A Thing’ on the track ‘Daddy’. Asked if he actually liked the song, Juelz responded, “Oh, yeah. I listen to all types of music. I listen to U2, I listen to Green Day, I love Avril Lavigne. Know what I’m saying? All types of music. I’m just a music head. It don’t matter what you’re singing about, rapping about, or whatever it is. We all struggle in our different ways and we all make music to get away from our problems, and when people come from the heart, I feel it. No matter what it is. Know what I’m saying? Like when Avril Lavigne did, what was the record? (Sings) ‘Why does everything have to be so complicated?’ That’s just regular! It ain’t even anything I can relate to all the way, but things in my life are complicated too. On different levels, but we can relate. Just like people can relate to my music. They might not be on the street, but in a way, they can relate. Young n***a just coming up, trying to get out the hood and do better for himself.”

The story at muchmusic.com has since been removed.

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