Jurassic 5 Talk Line Between Commercial & Underground

Beat.com.au spoke with MC Chali who talked about the line between the commercial and underground rap scene is slowly fading away and credited the latest effort from Jay-Z for helping that effect. Chali said, “The mesh between the two is finally starting to happen, because it is now being brought back to creativity. Even people who are in the seats of the Jay-Zs and the Cash Money click, these guys have to compete with the new guys who are coming up from the underground who are more creative in certain areas – like the new Jay-Z album [The Blueprint] is a lot more creative than his last couple of efforts, I believe. He really just took it there. To me, it didn’t sound like he went out and tried to cop those extremely commercial beats, he just did a body of work that he thought sounded good – and I appreciated that. A lot of people on the underground are really militant about their stance in hip-hop, and, to me, it’s idiotic to be as one-sided about something that’s so diverse and so round and that has brought so many styles of people together.”

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