Jurassic 5’s Labored ‘Power In Numbers’ Disappoints

Jurassic 5 'Power In Numbers' album cover

Daniel Levin Becker of the Yale Daily News reviewed the new album from , entitled ‘Power In Numbers’. Becker says the group “align themselves with neither the stagnating world of commercial rap nor the ever-expanding hip-hop underground.” He added, “All things considered, ‘Power In Numbers’ is still proof that Jurassic 5 are very good at what they do, yet it only recalls the best moments of ‘Quality Control’ and ‘EP’ without reaching their bold, dynamic peaks. While the verses are just as rapid, literate and fun as they always have been, they seldom last long enough to set in, and the production over which they flow is loop-based to the brink of monotony.” Read more.

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