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Alot of people have posted articles or whatnot that “diss the rap from the south”

Why is it that only EAST COAST RAPPERS get critically acclaimed records. Why is it that you have to be political to be a “TRUE RAPPER”? Just as in the beginning, rappers from anywhere besides NY arent respected.
When Dr.Dre along with NWA broke onto the sceen back in the day, that’s the first time that any one outside of the NY area got attention, and what happened. Bull*****. The music was deemed to violent, it was suppose to cause riots, yet, when did “Fight the Power” and “911 is a joke” both songs that had videos where riots could have occured, were deemed ” the best thing to happen to hip hop”.
Why when Tupac released “Brenda’s Gotta Baby” a song that depicts a young girl being molested and becoming pregnant and then being murdered, did noone stand and take notice. It wasn’t until jail time or “east coast vs. west coast” beef that Pac became a living legend. He became immortalized with his death.
Yet even though talented was found on the West, it had to be a fluke, there wasnt no way in hell “southern” boys could rap.
So, now they say that Southern boys only rap about partying, getting high and whatever. Yet the first major group to get noticed was “OutKast” who have made all types of music, and even reminded a younger generation who may have forgotten just who “Rosa Parks” was.
Yeah, the south likes to party, but wasnt it 50 Cent and that said we could find them in the club, or having us “lean back”. Is this the music that’s suppose to make us all bow down to the EAST and give all our love to them.
Now “Yes” the EAST does have JAY and NAS, but the midwest also has COMMON and KANYE, the South has Scarface and Eightball and MJG.
I’d like people to take the time and actually listen to a variety of artists from an area before jumping in and stating “Facts” that don’t add up.
I didnt hear men complaining that Nelly’s music was “a disgrace to hip hop” when he had women in the clubs taking off thier clothes to “HOT IN HERRE”.
HipHop may have “Been Born” in NY, but like Adam and Eve’s children, it’s grown up and given birth to it’s own children, and they are taking over the world.
In the immortal words of my muse Tupac, Only GOD can judge Me, and that’s how I feel about hip hop, not only will GOD judge, the fans will as well, and $$$$ talks, the south and the midwest make more money in one year than EAST AND WEST COAST rappers combined.

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