K-Os On What Is Authentic

In ’ song ‘B-Boy Stance’, the Canadian rapper talks about how hard it is to remain authentic. So what is being authentic to K-Os? “It’s being you and not being persuaded by what people say, which we all sit around and wonder like what people think,” he told MuchMusic’s ‘MuchOnDemand’. “I think it starts in school, high school. We’re always concerned about fitting in and being cool and all that, and I think that carries on. It’s like the music industry actually is sort of like a big high school, in a way. So sometimes public opinion can sway you, and you can sort of get involved in worrying about what everybody thinks or the public opinion. So being hard– it’s being hard. To be authentic is just not caring and doing what you feel, and being your ‘B-Boy Stance’, and whatever that is, whether it’s rock ‘n’ roll, reggae or whatever. You just do your thing.”

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