Kam Says America Doesn’t Want The Truth

AllHipHop.com caught up with Kam, who spoke out against government and MTV. He says being in the Nation of Islam has made it more difficult to express his views. “I mean just look at the sh** with , MTV tried to ban their sh** because of a Mumia picture come on now! America doesn’t want the truth,” Kam said. “But we got people like Farrakhan, who don’t give a fu** about entertaining falsehood and popularity contests. He just care about the truth. I follow his example. We all should. Speak up no matter who or what.” As for a war on Iraq? “We’ve been at war. Black people been attacked. This war ain’t new to us. 9/11 happened 24/7 in Watts, in Detroit, in Compton, in Philly, in Queens, we were always unsure when a tragic event would wipe out our entire community. That sh** is nothing new to us.”

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