Kanye Booed At Show In Denver

Contributed Anonymously:

Kayne West did a show in Denver Monday night. Well apparently he forgot he was in Denver. As Kanye thanked “SEATTLE”, the crowd responded with boo’s from every direction. Instead of giving an apology to the crowd, he said, “Ya’ll booing me?! I know ya’ll know who I am. I saved hip hop, I’m on the radio, ya’ll should be thanking me! I’m the first one to use soul samples in records, ya’ll don’t know that?” The boos didnt stop until he got off stage.

I talked to some folks after the show and they all said the same thing..
Just because you make a hot record, doesn’t make you the king, it doesnt make it right for you to shout out SEATTLE when you’re in DENVER and not apologize. It doesn’t give you the right to be *****y about yourself..
Other folks said they will never buy another Kanye album.

In my opinion, those people are right. As a performer, you have to be some what professional and admit it when you *****ed up. People dont like *****yness. Having confidence in yourself is one thing, but to show people you dont care is wrong. Especially when you are trying to sell records. My opinion of Kanye has changed.. A LOT!

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