Kanye Refutes That Tupac Remake Was Lifted From Braxton

MTV News reports — producer of the contentious Jay-Z and Destiny’s Child star Beyonce Knowles track, ”03 Bonnie & Clyde’, has refuted claims from Toni Braxton that the idea for the track, which includes song ‘Me and My Girlfriend’ was stolen. “I had no idea about Toni Braxton’s [song],” Kanye said. “She can’t act like ain’t nobody ever heard ‘Me and My Girlfriend’ before. People hear the song all the time. I can [understand her complaint] if it [was] an original song.” Kanye explained the song saying, “I popped the CD in and started playing songs. I went to ‘Me and My Girlfriend’ and was like, ‘Oh, sh–, this joint would be crazy for [Jay-Z] and Beyoncé.’ He had told me a week before that he needed a joint for him and Beyoncé. I remember he called [and] said, ‘We got this joint, it has to be the best beat you ever made. Just picture if you got my first single — Hov and Beyoncé — how big you would be then.'” Read more.

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