Kanye West And Beyonce Connect Four Showdown

checked in with fans on his blog at KanyeUniversecity.com on Wednesday (January 2). The Chicago rapper writes, “When I was in Europe I would play this game for hours and hours… it helped me zone out. Everybody would get envolved… Derrick Dudley (Common’s manager) and Consequence were the best other than me… I beat Lexi… Don C beat Jay… Tony Williams beat Common… but every now and then people would speak of this legendary Connect 4 champion… BEYONCE!!! I had 2 play her!… So last night at Jay’s new 40/40 club in Las Vegas (which is sidebar, crazy big w/ 24krt gold flooring, Black Jack tables, $500 slot machines, the biggest projection screen in the universe and the best turkey burgers I’ve ever had in my life) she beat me 9 times in a row! (and I didn’t even spaz lol) Here’s a photo of the only game I won! Happy new year everybody…”

Pictures at kanyeuniversecity.com have since been removed.

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