Kanye West Didn’t Say Hip Hop Is Over

checked in with fans on his official web site’s blog at kanyeuniversecity.com on Monday (December 1). West writes:

I’m not doing clothing with Wet Seal… I just read that somewhere and wanted to dispel that. Oh and I never said, “hip hop is over!” I perform hip hop every day of my life. Some paper out of the UK ran that as a quote. I’m in New Zealand and people have been asking me about it. I said, “I don’t listen to rap in my apt.” I actually have a new rap CD to play in my apt… The Q-Tip CD gets play in my apt… Well I mean when I get off tour it will get play…. Being that I’ve done a hundred shows this year. Yo bottom line is I work. I work to death and people try to find negativity in the positive energy I put out. The almost superhuman amount of work I put out. Sidebar: People really have there feathers ruffled about this album don’t they?… good!

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