Kanye West Discusses Divide Between Gays & Black Men

visited Big Boy’s Neighborhood in Los Angeles, where the rapper talked about the Chris Brown and Rihanna situation, the controversy he creates, and gay rumors. “Where I come from, gay people were aliens,” West explained. “Don’t touch em. You would automatically explode. If you have a conversation for more than five minutes, we used to to downtown the the Gucci store and there’d be a gay dude working and we’d be disrespecting him. Calling out his name at the store where he worked, because we were just ignorant.” Asked what changed that for him, Kanye responded, “I found out that people were human beings. Working in fashion and art and different things, I would be around I feel like the greatest gay representatives because there’d be genius characters, who have provided such gifts for the world, that it’s like, ‘Look at what this man has done at the end of the day.’ Or ‘look what this woman has done to help the world.'” West also called out TMZ and MediaTakeOut for “trying to make up stuff.”

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