Kanye West Frank About ‘College Dropout’ Failures

Renowned producer spoke with AllHipHop.com in a Q&A about his own debut album, ‘College Dropout’. Asked what fans will get out of the album, Kanye responded, “I mean just wack basically, just some bullsh**! I tried my best. I focused on making it as wack as possible. A lot of hours went into it. Especially after the accident. I went in and recorded that wack ass song with my mouth wired shut. It had to be wack because the studio time for me to record it wasn’t even paid for. I had to say I was doing something else. I made the wack ass video with the performance shot in it. I just feel like it’s really wack because a lot of n*ggas rap about jerseys. What I’m doing is wack obviously because it hasn’t sold any records and it’s all based on record sales and your first week numbers. It’s not about whether or not people like the music and it catches on, it’s about how many spins you get. So you have to make a record that’s gonna get them spins. I haven’t got any spins so its wack.”

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