Kanye West Is Trying To Teach

tells Esquire magazine he’s embracing activism to take advantage of his opportunity to reach millions of listeners. “I didn’t set out to be an activist,” he said. “I was born into it. My grandfather drove the first car in [some civil rights] marches [in the 1960s]. My grandfather said, ‘We goin’ in and we finnin’ to sit down over here.’ Like I said on the first album, my mother got arrested at 6 years old for the sit-ins. My father was a former Black Panther. Now he’s converted his life and he’s a counselor. He’s at a bunch of different jobs where his main goal is to help people and to teach, and my mother’s main goal is to help people and to teach. And these two people made me. I have one of the biggest voices around, so I’m not tryin’ to hurt people, I’m tryin’ to help people and to teach. I can’t find out some information and not tell you.” Read more.

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