Kanye West Makes Surprise Visit To Rolling Stone

hosted a nearly two-hour Town Hall-style meeting at Rolling Stone last week, where he played songs from his fall album, jumped up on a board room table to spontaneously rap, and fielded questions. “I forget the word but there’s people who in our history where there responsibility is to be the conveyers of truth on the next generation,” West explained. “There’s a word for that type of person, and I feel like I’m that type of person who has to carry on the truth and tell the story not his story, but tell the story, or it’s like Raphael painting Jesus’ wife, knowing that the Pope would have his head, but he died before the Pope got a piece. As an artist, he said I need to express this or I’ll die. I’ll die inside. This is what I saw. This is what I’m going to paint.” Watch highlights from Kanye’s visit via YouTube below.

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