Kanye West Reacts To ‘South Park’ Fish Sticks Joke

Kanye West '808s & Heartbreak'

checked in with fans on his official web site blog after he was parodied on Wednesday night’s ‘South Park’, being the world’s only person who likes fish sticks to take the gay fish joke seriously. Watch the episode at southparkstudios.com. The rapper writes:

South Park murdered me last night and it’s pretty funny. It hurts my feelings but what can you expect from South Park! I actually have been working on my ego though. Having the crazy ego is played out at this point in my life and career. I use to use it to build up my esteem when nobody believed in me. Now that people do believe and support my music and products the best response is thank you instead of “I told you so!!!” It’s cool to talk sh** when you’re rapping but not in real life. When you meet Little Wayne in person he’s the nicest guy for example. I just wanna be a doper person which starts with me not always telling people how dope I think I am. I need to just get past myself. Drop the bravado and just make dope product. Everything is not that serious. As long as people think I act like a bitch this type of sh** will happen to me. I got a long road ahead of me to make people believe I’m not actually a huge douche but I’m up for the challenge. I’m sure the writers at South Park are really nice people in real life. Thanks for taking the time to draw my crew. That was pretty funny also!! I’m sure there’s grammatical errors in this that’s how you know it’s me!

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11 thoughts on “Kanye West Reacts To ‘South Park’ Fish Sticks Joke

  1. Brad Longmire says:

    I think that was really big of Kanye say. I’m a huge fan of Kanye West. I’m a rapper trying to make it with a unique style. People don’t really accept my music right now, so Kanye’s story has always given me hope for my career. I try and stay humble but that doesn’t always get you where you need to be. I would like to work with an artist like Kanye in the future or any like minded artist. If there are any other genius producer/wordsmiths out there (cause I know Kanye is busy with other things) get up with me. I’m the co-CEO od Struggle Ova Ent. I go by Johnny Hip Hop.

  2. Lamer says:

    Really Brad? Kanye is a moron.

  3. Ozmond Blakk says:

    Kanye is a muthafu**in gay fish

  4. Mike Bz says:

    Lol, I found this post from Googling Struggle Ova Ent. I thought the episode was funny as sh** though. I didn’t think it was that serious though… that’s just South Park. They don’t surprise with who they make fun of… just how they do it.

  5. Joco (Macedonia) says:

    Respect Kanye but SOUTH PARK rules

  6. Candleman says:

    I couldn’t have told you who the heck Kanye West WAS before the episode. After looking at all the stuff that has gone on though… South Park was yet again hilarious and relevant.

  7. Jasper Jigglestone says:

    Brad Longmire, what is your unique style? You’re a white boy from New Hampshire that hasn’t graduated high school yet? Your going through puberty so your ‘raps’ are more like ‘squeaks’? I wish you good luck with Struggle Ova Ent. Maybe you can put your fish stick in Kanye’s mouth?

  8. scott says:

    Good for Kanye. Maybe there’s hope for him and his ego after all. That South Park was pretty funny. I was wondering if there had been any history or beef between Kanye and Parker/Stone, but apparently they just decided it was Kanye’s turn to get torched.

  9. Unbounddark F8 says:

    That episode was dam hilarious!! Kanye is alright but I think its cool that he can laugh at himself. You can’t take life that serious, they actually were poking fun at Carlos Mencia also for stealing joke, which for me made it even funnier.

    Jasper, funny sh** “squeaks” all music is best unique so hope for the there Johnny..maybe work on the name a little. too plain that just my 2 cents tho. Look at the sugar hill gang big old school hit rapped about eating. simple right?

  10. Alex Ericson says:

    Kayne West is a gay fish and his music sucks gay fish I live in Mauston, Wisconsin and you are the worst rapper alive you are a punk

  11. juan pablito says:

    So funny… personally I believe Kanye is an absolute tool, but South Park is freaking hilarious, so I’m glad they took a shot at him, seeing as his greatest regret is “not seeing himself perform”.
    so yeah, fu** Kanye :)

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