Kanye West Talks With Brussels Audience About Mother’s Death

It looks like UsMagazine.com’s source at the concert on Sunday night in Brussels was incorrect. The grieving rapper did speak about the death of his mother Donda at Vorst Nationaal on Sunday (November 18). “[People come to me and thank me for my music to help them with] the problems that we’re going through, the situation and hard times. Who would ever thought that the same songs would help me,” West told the audience. “Every show I do has a different meaning for me now. Whether it’s ‘I heard em say’, ‘you can’t tell me nothing’, ‘Jesus Walks’, ‘Touch The Sky’, or ‘that don’t kill me can only make me stronger’. Cause ‘Can’t Tell Me Nothing’ means, you know people call me and they say, ‘You need this, you need to do that. Like 50 people, 100 people I hadn’t talked to in the past few years call me out of the blue. Tellin me ‘I’m giving you my support’. And I appreciate the support and all that, but don’t suggest what I’m supposed to do. ‘What you need to do is you need to stop touring, you need to go home and clear your head’. Go home to what, mutherfu**er? ‘Because if they see you out, and if you go outside, and then the media catches it’… Fu** the media! Nobody can tell me nothing about you know, they talk about celebrity lives, and real lives, and the difference between all that being on TV right now, you can’t tell me nothin! And there’s nothing that she loves more than come to the shows, and scream louder than any fan, cause she was my first fan, and was screaming before anybody else. My first manager. And if she was here, she would tell me to get on that stage, and kill it, dawg. She would tell me to go on this tour, and take over the world. And be number one like I taught you to be baby. I just want to take this time out…” West then dedicated the Journey hit ‘Don’t Stop Believin’ to his mother, which was performed by his band. Watch it below.

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