Kanye West Thanks Fans For ‘Heartless’ Support

checked in with fans on his official web site’s blog on Tuesday (December 9), discussing the success of his new single ‘Heartless’. The Chicago rapper tells readers:

Thank you everybody for making ‘Heartless’ number one on ‘106 And Park’! My boy called me from the A and told me it’s number one down there too. This is a song nobody can front on!!! The beat is on some RZA sh** and every line could make the ultimate rap hook! I could see somebody sampling…. “We just gone be enemies!!!” I’ve been hearing that there’s people who bought this album that never bought one of my albums before. I’ve been hearing that street niggas love it! street niggas called me and told me they love it! You know girls love it!! Everybody has a different favorite!!! Right now. ‘Paranoid’ is most likely gonna be the next single. It’s neck and neck with ‘Robocop!!!’ I’m not gonna release either for awhile because I want ‘Heartless’ and ‘Love Lockdown’ to soak into the culture!! I’m gonna walk this album slow like a more independent approach. I feel like a new artist. There’s actually arguments again. It reminds me of the first album when everybody said I couldn’t rap. I listened to ‘Say You Will’ last night at my house and was daaamn, this song is soooo dooope!!! I’m a fan of what I’ve made. When I made ‘Graduation’ I wasn’t satisfied! I felt like certain records were keeping it from being a play in every environment album. I was at the cool store in Australia called Assin that carries Rick Owens, Lanvin, Dior ect… They told me they play my new album in the store. It was such a big compliment for me to have songs that are number one on ‘106’ and can play right next to Vampire Weekend, Sade or Silverchair in a high end fashion store! It’s such a triumph to have ‘Love Lockdown’ on radio. When it comes in it doesn’t sound like anything else ever made in history! This is new music! It might takes some getting use to but when it set’s in it will make all the difference!

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