Kanye West Wins Best Male Video Award

and Kelly Clarkson took home Best Male and Best Female Video at Sunday night’s MTV Video Music Awards for ‘Jesus Walks’ and ‘Since U Been Gone’ respectively. Upon accepting the honor, Kanye told the Miami crowd, “We’re gonna give him his award early so we ain’t got to worry about nothing. I appreciate Chris, sorry you couldn’t get an on-camera seat. I know you wanted to come up here and accept this award. Chris, thanks for directing this. A lot of artists out there, a lot of times you’ve got to take things in a your — in your own hands so that’s the reason why I went in and paid my own money for the second video when we was about to miss the date and that’s why we’re here at MTV. Thank you, Jay, for everything. No disrespect. The Roc is in the building.”

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