Kanye West Wins Best Rap Album Grammy

won the Grammy Award for Best Rap Album for ‘Late Registration’ on Wednesday night. “I had no idea, I had no, no, no idea,” West said, while pulling out a clearly labeled “thank you list”. “I would like to thank God, I am glad I wrote them down. John Brand, and I never do the thank you list, but John Brand for being an inspiration to me to help make a better album and also help make me a better person. My mom, Gabe, who is my publicist, just imagine being my publicist how hard that has to be. G Robinson, hip-hop since 1978. L.A. for helping me to sell the most albums the first week in Def Jam history, Jay-Z for helping me do — I mean all kind of things. Pat, John Legend, the whole Good Music family, Big John, Allison Finley, you too for bringing me on tour with them. And the academy. I love it. It feels good to be home!”

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