Kanye West’s Idiotic Comments

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was one of my favorite artists but now he disgusts me and I will never listen to him again. Our president did not cause this tragedy nor does he deserve to be accused of not caring about black people. Everyone from the Mayor to the President and even the citizens need to take responsibility for not insuring the safety of there cities. For not securing and holding evacuations at a city level with buses, carpools, airplane, boats or helicopter. Unfortunately, now we must look forward and contribute with money, volunteering and prayer. Our president is doing the best he can, so is FEMA, Red Cross, etc are doing the best they can to help people …. Not just black people. But people. Its bullsh** to try to attack the president with comments of not caring about black people just Bullsh**!!! Kanye, you are out of line and disgust a lot of us. Granted I do agree help was slow but Kanye’s comments about the president are idiotic.

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One thought on “Kanye West’s Idiotic Comments

  1. tan says:

    First off one thing, no water for a week+ no help no one or nothing in sight. Maybe the timing was off, that was the only wrong thing about what Kanye said, obviously there was a huge problem and of course if you don’t know I’ll tell you, it starts at the top.do you mean to tell me if you had family there on the top of a roof with water rising and hearing them hollering and screaming for someone to help them because they were looking in the eyes of death,you would not then acknowledge that bush needed to be whipped. because I’ll tell you like this from a standpoint of being able to do something or get something done the president has a go. Don’t you know if he wanted to do something, it would’ve been done. that you can bet on.the most horrible thing is America home of the brave,freedom,equality,peace and a wealthy nation all together should have never endured such a travesty. of all the millions of dollars spent everywhere else on wars,feeding others and medicating others, he didn’t have enough pull to get the coastguard over there to save these people? at the very least try to help, he did none of that and for you to defend him for such an inhumane act,then you too are INHUMANE.and you can take that how you want but when you think about you have no choice but to agree there was millions of things bush could have did and didn’t. So you can take that to the bank and turn a blind eye just like bush did when it was issues that did not apply to him or anyone that he did not want affected. So maybe you felt it was idiotic for him to mention this at this time on that show, but for him,me, and millions of others it was the perfect time because we knew we had ears listening and it really mattered and he took a stand.thanks to Kanye for doing what no one else had the heart to do. I wasn’t even there and I can still hear the screams of children,men and women praying for someone to save them, its etched in my mind and I hope to never forget the tragedy that took place and ended so many lives, I still see the faces of ladies whose children flew away,men whose wives flew away and all the elderly floating away and dead bodies on roads and highways and it was nothing they could do about it,i wonder what about YOU????? GOD BLESS AND KEEP ALL THE FAMILY MEMBERS OF VICTIMS AND SURVIVORS, I LOVE YOU ALL, AND YOU WILL ALWAYS BE IN MY HEART!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! AND TO THE PERSON THAT WROTE THAT COMMENT,ITS REAL EASY TO FIND SOMEONE ELSE TO BLAME FOR SOMETHING THAT WASN’T EVEN THE PROBLEM YOU SHOULD HAVE CHANNELED THOSE FEELINGS TO VOICING HOW THOSE PEOPLE SHOULD HAVE BEEN TREATED LIKE WHAT THEY ARE PEOPLE NOT ANIMALS IN ONE OF THE MOST WEALTHIEST COUNTRIES IN THE WORLD. just think about one more thing, do you remember how quick aide went overseas when it was needed,if it was ever needed here it was then! I’M DONE MUCH LOVE, PEACE AND HAPPINESS TO EVERYONE.

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