Kanye West’s Mom Leaves Voicemail For Hairdresser Just Before Surgery

In a voice message to her hairdresser Charlay Thomas, ’s late mother Donda discussed having her hair done before getting cosmetic surgery from Dr. Jan Adams the day before the 58-year-old’s tragic death. “How are you? It’s Miss West,” Donda said in the message. “How’s everything going… I hope you get this message soon because it’s possible I need something from you, like, immediately! I am going to, um, go have my procedure done tomorrow and I’m getting every single thing from my neck to my knees! So, anyway, call me. I’ll tell you about that. I just decided at the last minute that it would be nice if my hair were corn-rowed [before the surgery].” The full story from Thomas is airing on ‘Inside Edition’ on Tuesday.

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