Kanye’s Pay For Pose Plan Rankles Mag Industry

The New York Daily News reports has raised eyebrows in the magazine industry after thinking he should be paid to appear on the cover. “These magazines make money from ads and subscriptions,” West said. “But I know that part of what drives subscriptions and ads is who these magazines put on the cover. So if you’re putting me on the cover and people are buying your magazine because of me, why shouldn’t I get paid to be on that cover? You are going to have to pay me to do magazine covers now!” GQ West Coast editor, Chris Huvane said West was “insane” while Ebony’s Lynn Norment said the rapper “has a lot of learning to do.” But Playgirl’s Michelle Zipp said, “Usually celebrities pose on our cover for the publicity. But I would certainly consider paying Kanye West. But he would need to take his clothes off.”

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