Kats – From Russia With Rhymes

Contributed by AdamBernard:

If Kats were to write a memoir it might be titled From Russia With Rhymes. Born in Moscow, Kats didn’t move to the US until he was 12 years old. After attending high school in Albany, New York, he headed even further upstate for college, spending his dormitory days at Syracuse University. Kats’ interest in rapping started during his freshman year in college and now, over eleven years later, he’s two full length albums deep into his career with ‘Kats The Musical’ (2006) and ‘Almost Fameless’ (2007), and he’s readying his third release, ‘Katskills’, for January of 2008. Now residing in Brooklyn, Kats sat down with me this week to discuss what it means to be an MC in New York City, the definition of being almost fameless, and what he hopes will someday happen during one of his concerts at The Pussycat Lounge. Read the full interview at adambernard.blogspot.com.

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