Keith Murray Laughs Off Mobb Deep Beef caught up with and asked him what the situation is with his beef with . “That’s the oldest beef in the world. You know what? This n*gga Prodigy is a fu**ing liar. He said ‘I saw this n*gga in the club and I asked him what up we can take this outside and he said no.’ I saw the n*gga , the n*gga I did the song ‘I Shot Ya’ with with. I did my verse first. Nobody was in the room and I didn’t know who was getting on the song. Track Masters did the beat and I did my verse. Next thing I hear, is that he’s on after me. He thinks I’m getting at him so he’s writing the song on some p*ssy ass sh**. n*ggas think I’m talking about him cause he said something about smoking weed or whatever, punching n*ggas in the face. He’s about the size of this pen. So I saw him in the Tunnel, I told my man look at him and we started laughing.”

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3 thoughts on “Keith Murray Laughs Off Mobb Deep Beef

  1. K.I.D.D says:

    Prodigy got bigger sh** to worry about than this nigga right here. In the rap world, Prodigy is way better than homeboy. who gives a fu** about the rest of that sh**. He should thank P for even acknowledging his ass, what the fu**s good. K.I.D.D….Mobb niggas run this rap game!

  2. Chris says:

    Mobb Deep is gay. Murray ate them niggas alive.

  3. Tragsicc says:

    lyrically, Keith was not fu**in wit P at that time. in reality, Keith wasn’t fu**in wit Mobb because of the incident that popped off (when Keith was ducking slugs and hid underneath a car and all that sh**)

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