Keith Murray’s Hip Hop Roller Coaster

talked to the Long Island Press about his ill-fated Connecticut show in 1996 that ended in a riot with the teen brother of the show’s promoter claiming that Murray hit him over the head with a barstool, causing permanent damage. The incident led to Murray’s conviction and the rapper spent nearly two years in prison until a witness claimed he was bribed into silence by the alleged victim’s family.. but that didn’t matter, because Murray had used up all his appeals. After serving his sentence, Murray began work on the much-delayed ‘He’s Keith Murray’ in late 2001. “It was atrocious—I wouldn’t wish that on anyone,” Murray said of the trial. “[The D.A.] was reading lyrics and saying ‘You see what these people talk about?’ He also opened up my file, which I admit, is from here to the 59th Street bridge, got all these ‘oohs’ and ‘ahhs’ from the jury, and said I was likely to do it because of my priors.”

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