Kelly Denies Nelly Romance & Jay-Z & Beyonce Engagement

Ramiro and Pebbles of JAM’N 94.5 in Boston chatted with Destiny’s Child star Kelly Rowland about her new album ‘Simply Deep’, her traits — she’s gentle, sweet and works hard, what kind of food she’s into, the pressure to stay in shape, the rumors being false — they are just promoting ‘Dilemma together, Kelly says her new year’s resolution is to meet a guy to sweep her away, how she was a baller in high school and is ready to settle down — but she wasn’t ‘fast’ at all. Kelly says she had three boyfriends at once in high school, but didn’t go all the way with any of them. As for Beyonce Knowles and being engaged, Kelly says it ain’t true and they’re just really good friends. Kelly even burped on the air. Audio at has since been removed.

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