Kelly Rowland Was The Perfect One For ‘Dilemma’

Nelly explained his decision to collaborate with Destiny’s Child star Kelly Rowland on the song ‘Dilemma’ to “I think that’s one of the reasons I do it like I do. I try to shoot for different, and when I was shooting for different, that was different right there,” Nelly said. “She had never done nothing solo before, period. And I had really never done nothing with a female singer–on a hook anyway–so it was something different for me and something different for her as well. And I just like to keep doing different stuff, new stuff, just keeping people off-balance and stuff like that. I don’t have no one blueprint. So in doing that, she was like the perfect one. She came in at like, 1 in the morning, she knocked them riffs out, them tunes, and it was unbelievable to me, ’cause it was like 1 in the morning and I had another three more hours in me before my head would have been cocked back somewhere, but she came in, warmed up, and killed it. And I appreciate it, no doubt.”

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