Kendra Jade Disheartened, But Not Denying K-Fed Fling

Porn star Kendra Jade posted the following non denial denial on her official web site in regards to reports she was having an affair with a month before Britney Spears filed to divorce the struggling rapper: “I’m disheartened by reputable news outlets, such as CNN, MSNBC and Fox News. I expect real journalists to have the integrity and ethics to verify facts and contact all parties involved before running stories like this. For the record, Kevin Federline and I share the same circle of friends, so it is inevitable that I know him. Perhaps it is my previous career that makes people want to find something salacious there. Most importantly though, there is a family including very young children involved here. I’m sure it’s not easy for anyone in this situation, and I wish them all the peace, love and happiness they deserve.. I also wish everyone would be more sensitive instead of trying to create the most sensational headline.”

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