Kia Shine: I Believe In Myself And My Music

Kia Shine 'Due Season'

, aka Kinfolk, was sharing his appreciation for the fans in a bulletin to his MySpace (@kiashine) friends on Friday (December 14). The Memphis rapper writes:

Every person that takes the time to read this I appreciate you from the bottom of my heart. I thank each one of you that cares enough to spread the word about my music and movement. I thank you for representing for me. An underdog. This music is what I eat sleep and breathe and I give all I got to this.. I love it. and I love y’all… I may not get to respond to every message but I read them all.. Don’t stop reaching out to me. I need the inspiration on days where I get negativity thrown in my face about me or my music. (Read the XXL with Wayne on it) you’ll see what I mean.. Despite what critics are haters or non believers may ever say… I believe in myself and my music and I thank you for believing. I am not a follower, I’m a leader, a grinder, I will continue the venue, and I will take my respect and continue to be different and being true to who I am. The tsunami of swagger and the definition of grind, a true rap hustla.

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