Kia Shine Scolds Fans Who Don’t Buy His CDs, Ringtones, Concert Tix

checked in with his MySpace friends (@kiashine) with a bulletin on Thursday (October 4). He writes:

What up to all my MySpace Kinfolks and fam out here reading this bulletin… it’s been a minute since I been on my page, but I’m back like I forgot something. First thing first… I have 38,000 MySpace friends, DO ALL OF YOU HAVE MY CD ‘DUE SEASON’? This is not a shot at any of you that have it, thanks from the bottom of my heart, but for those of you that claim to support my music and movement and still haven’t went to Best Buy or even ITUNES where they have the CD for 7.99, your really trippin.

Let me define support. It means to go an BUY the CD, RINGTONE, SHOW TICKET ETC, I was talking to this person, I won’t name names, but they stayed my face all night while I was in a particular club, talking about how they’d been following my music since Tv’s and Streetwars, and even Diamond Cut, (that was my first label for those of you who don’t know). This person went on & on about how they loved all the music and video etc etc, even tried to buy me drinks, that were 10 dollars a peice, then I asked about songs that where not singles that where on my ‘Due Season’ CD like ‘Face Card’, and ‘Due Season’, this person was like they hadn’t heard those, I asked, have you bought my cd… The look on this person’s face was so funny I wish I had a picture… Then came the excuses and apologies, and I’m going to go get it 2morrow first thing…

The moral of the story is this, don’t say you support me and don’t go out and buy the music. I appreciate the kind words or dancing to the music in the clubs or banging it on the radio… but want means the most to me is when a person takes time out of his or her day and hard earn money from there pocket to buy my music, that’s support, that’s REAL love… I have given away over 100,000 CD samplers of my album and I continue to do that. To have not sold that amount of at least of CDs is a slap in the face, because I expect nothing but what i give…

Now I do appreciate all of you that have bought my ringtones, we are almost gold in that area, and yes that’s still counts as support in my book. (thanks I consider it a blessing) but if you have not bought a ‘Wow’ ringtone or ‘Krispy’ ringtone or a ‘Due Season’ CD (out of the stores or online) or paid to come to one of my shows, please don’t say that you are supporting my music and my movement, because your not. and that’s just the truth.

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