Kid Cudi Reveals New Album ‘Wizard’ & Mixtape Plans

Kid Cudi

checked in with his Twitter followers (@wizardcud) on Wednesday (January 26), talking about his upcoming album ‘Wizard’, a mixtape called ‘A Man Named Scott’, the Shia LeBeouf-directed mini-movie/music video for Mr. Rager’s ‘Maniac’, working with Kanye West and Jay-Z on new material, and getting a dog. The Cleveland rapper writes:

Pushing for a summer release of the ‘Wizard’ album. I produce and play guitar on everything with my main man @dotdagenius. he’s learnin bass

The ‘Maniac’ film will be released later this year. Cage, Shia and I really want everything just right, and I need the proper time for scoring

The edit must be epic

‘Wizard’ is a rock album, no raps, just singing. Brand new thing. Flavor

Dose of dopeness however will be on the ‘Wizard’ album as a bonus jam. bout fu**in time aye

Workin on some Jay and Ye sh**

I’ma finish up some thangs and then I’ma chop it up with yall. word :)

annnnd officially going ham

oh I forgot the best news ever….

New mixtape ‘A Man Named Scott’

That’s this summah. For all those who fu**s with my raps, this is for u since I’ma be all rocked out with the ‘Wizard’ sh**. Also it’s free! Yes!

Man I’m really happy to FINALLY get all that good news out there. More to come, not even close.

Oh and New York catch me if u can, I start filmin “How To Make It” in March. Domingo Dean shi******. legiTay

I have a English bulldog, i just got him for Xmas. his name is Fresh. He will make cameos

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  1. Nikki says:

    Cannot wait for Kid Cudi to come out with some new music!!!

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