Kim Hit The Roof When Hailie Told Her About Brittany

News of the World spoke with the former friend of , Jennifer Watkins, who details their relationship in ‘Cleaning Out My Closet’. Watkins talked about Eminem’s romance with Brittany Murphy while the two filmed ‘8 Mile’, and the reaction ex-wife Kim had when Hailie spilled the beans. “Hailie told her that she’d been in bed with Brittany when Daddy came home and fell asleep in the bed with them. Kim threw a fit. She screamed at Marshall down the phone, ‘How could you have that trash in bed with you and my daughter!’ Marshall had been desperate to keep his lover a secret from Kim, because even though they were divorced at the time, they had joint custody of Hailie—and he was terrified Kim would go back to court and have her taken away from him. Marshall knew it was no use denying the affair so he tried to explain that he’d come home dog-tired and found Brittany snuggled up with Hailie. He climbed into bed without waking them up and making Brittany leave the bed. But that was the first time Kim had proof that he and Brittany had even been sharing the same bed, and she was mad as hell.If Kim had actually caught them in bed together there’d have been blood on the walls.”

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