King Gordy Gives Props To Pal Eminem

King Gordy only the second artist to be signed by Web Entertainment, the label that launched into the mainstream, and he spoke with Get Real Detroit about comparisons to Slim, who happens to be a friend as well. “It’s an honor to be compared to one of the greatest emcees who ever did it; and he’s a good friend of mine, so it’s all love,” the 300+ pound rapper said. “He supports me, he likes the music I’m doing, so I’m gonna keep doing it. If the biggest star in the world says ‘Gordy that sh**’s hot,’ then I think that sh**’s hot. Plus, the streets is calling for it, the streets is liking it, and that’s most important to me. All I wanna do is to build fans and have fans say they love me. They may be depressed off the music, but maybe they’ll love me for making that depressing music that they feel.”

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