KJ-52 Gets A Rise Out Of Eminem Fans On ‘Dear Slim’

Dave Tianen of the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel spoke with Florida Christian rapper , whose track ‘Dear Slim’ takes a shot at Slim’s lyrics and their effect on kids that listen to them. Asked about the reception the track gets from diehard fans, KJ-52 admits, “I would be lying if I said I didn’t get a few threatening e-mails, but for the most part it’s been a very positive response. I’ll be honest, if it’s just a straight-up – ‘I hate you and I’m going to beat you up,’ I don’t even respond to it. It’s not really worth it because you’ll never convince them otherwise. But if it’s one of those (where) maybe they misunderstood the intent of the song, then I’ll take the time to explain it. Usually, nine times out of ten, they’ll walk away with a better understanding and really an appreciation for it.”

The entire story at jsonline.com has since been removed.

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5 thoughts on “KJ-52 Gets A Rise Out Of Eminem Fans On ‘Dear Slim’

  1. charles hall says:

    KJ-52 is the best to be honest I used to listen to Eminem and now I listen to Mr. 52 mostly with other Christian music.

  2. Finney says:

    KJ has a lot of love for Eminem. I hope Eminem realizes it….

  3. lwise says:

    @Finney KJ does have a lot of love for Eminem and he expresses it in “Dear Slim Part 2.” I love the way he uses his talents to serve god. and @charles hall I’m glad you’ve started listening to Christina’s music it’s a change I made recently myself.

  4. FF5fanatic says:

    KJ-52 really is a good influence. He didn’t write his Dear Slim songs just to bash Eminem and get fans, and he even says so. He did it to truly tell Eminem he feels for him, and has been in the same position as him before. And he even says that unlike other people that would be “oh, he’s so bad” he truly wants to help. and that he will pray for him and his ex-wife and daughter. and he just nicely tells him that the music they make effects younger peers and asks if he truly thinks about how his music effects the kids that hear him and say “I wanna be like him” and is worried about that.

    I used to listen to Eminem and music like his, then when I was flipping through channels on my radio, and I came across a channel called Radio U, and I have to say the music on that channel truly helped me at times, and that I love the fact that it’s all my favorite kinds of music, yet I can listen to it around my cousin or brother without worrying if it will effect him.

  5. Chloe says:

    God Bless ya brutha! Just like KJ-52 I ain’t here to insult Eminem….. I’m here in this world to spread the truth. All you Eminem-lovers……take at least 20 minutes to sit down and listen over his lyrics. It’s utter trash! Don’t be moved by what others say or do….be your own person……open up to God….he only wants the best for you….
    You did the right thing KJ!!!!! LOVE YA, bro! :-)
    Kip spreading the truth….

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