K’naan ‘Bang, Bang’ Video Behind The Scenes Ft. Adam Levine

K'naan 'Bang, Bang' music video behind the scenes

K’naan is out with behind the scenes footage from his ‘Bang, Bang’ music video, featuring Adam Levine. “K’naan is great,” the Maroon 5 singer says in the video. “I think it’s nice to have somebody that’s kind of changing the mold a little bit and not doing it the way everyone else does it. He’s truly unique. He sounds unique. He talks about unique thinks and does it in a unique way and I really appreciate that and respect that a lot.” The song is off the Somali-Canadian hip hop artist’s third studio album ‘Troubadour’, out now on A&M/Octone.

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One thought on “K’naan ‘Bang, Bang’ Video Behind The Scenes Ft. Adam Levine

  1. realizme says:

    this ollabo is sick. diggin k’naan. he’s bringing something fresh adn upbeat. and I’m a M5 fan, so there ya go! keep it up guys!

    realizme.com Where REAL talent lives

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