K’naan: Play My Music Loud With Headphones


K’naan did a six question Q&A with CMU, where the Somali-Canadian rapper was asked what he’d say to someone experiencing his music for the first time:

I would say play it loud, and I would prefer it if you listen to it through headphones, but if you can’t then play it in the car. I prefer the headphones because I think it’s nice that it should be in your head. When you use headphones you bring the music close to you, so you get to feel something more from that experience. When you are driving, because of the motion, it makes music more of an experience too.

The other five questions at thecmuwebsite.com have since been removed.

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One thought on “K’naan: Play My Music Loud With Headphones

  1. LUTHANDO says:

    Well I have listened to K’naan’s music and I enjoyed listening to it, it’s FRESH AND DIFFERENT so please keep on making GOOD MUSIC.

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