Krayzie Bone Talks Problems With Ruthless Records

Virgin Mega talked to Bone Thugs-N-Harmony’s as he preps his new solo album, Thug On Da Line and sounding off on his troubles with Bone Thugs.

While Krayzie says there were problems with the group, it wasn’t with each other, “That had to be the most frustrating time for all of us. It wasn’t us against each other, it was us against Ruthless Records. But no matter what moves we was makin’, we was getting’ f**ked. So right now, we in the process of gettin’ out of our contracts.”

Krayzie tells Virgin’s Dan LeRoy he’s happy with Bone Thugs mark on music admitting, “The bottom line is, nobody can say s**t to us. Everybody in this business got a Bone Thugs song on their album – even if they ain’t admit it.”

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