KRS-One Responds To Beef With Nelly

emailed in to to share his side of the supposed beef he’s involved in with . KRS-One’s ‘Hot’ and ‘Get Yourself Up’ highlighted the immaturity and irresponsibility of many rappers and many thought he was pointing at Nelly. Well in ‘Number One’, Nelly responded with a line that many thought was directed back at KRS-One “I’m tired of hearing rappers saying what’s real hip-hop/ … but there album flops!” The elder rapper says, “Although I did think his statement was a bit aggressive for a new comer, I did not take it as a direct ‘dis’ to me. Even though such a statement showed little respect for Hiphop’s cultural continuity and the opinions of Hiphop’s pioneers, I took Nelly’s lyric as him defending himself against his critics.”

KRS-One continued to explain his side of the story but in conclusion said, “I shall remain silent, and observe. I do have an atomically charged, lyrically activated emcee bomb ready for detonation. But what does the use of such a weapon prove when the original cause of the confrontation was built upon gossip and the need to use controversy to sell a record. I shall not be lured into such traps!” Read more.

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