KRS-One Says Hip-Hop Is Coming To The Classroom

tells that he expects hip hop will soon have a significant presence in the classroom. “I honestly feel, matter of fact, it’s…it’s mathematics that it will. Those who are in power today will not be tomorrow. That is a fact,” he explained. “Really we have to be prepared to take their place. Will Hip-Hop as a curriculum be taught in an academic environment? I mean take it as far as junior high, high school, and college or middle school. Can it be taught? Yeah? Will it be taught? Yeah. Because you and I are growing up and we’re becoming the teachers. We are the teachers. We are the faculty. We are the board. We are the board of education. Do you know that in another five years, the President of the United States would have had a tape? There’s going to be a President after Bush. And that next four-year term, say eight years from now, that President is gonna have grown up with KRS, PE, and Queen Latifah. If Hip-Hop stopped today…we would still go down in world history.”

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